Recital 2020

Thursday, June 11, 2020 – Rehearsal

Friday, June 12, 2020 – Performance

at Moon Park Amphitheatre

Rain Dates – June 18, and 19


Rehearsal and Performance Times

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Rehearsal Guidelines: June 11th

  • Dancers participating in the recital must attend this rehearsal. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. Please arrive in time to find parking and have your child backstage 5 minutes before the scheduled rehearsal time at the amphitheater. In order to follow state guidelines and keep the number of people gathering at once to a minimum, we ask that you be prompt with dropping off and picking up your child. Please do not linger around the stage area.
  • Dancers should arrive with a dance bag packed with proper dance shoes and a water bottle. They may wear a leotard and tights (any color) with hair secured away from their face in a ponytail or bun. No costumes will be worn on rehearsal day.
  • Dancers should wait in the lot behind the amphitheater until an ADC staff member escorts them to the stage. 
  • Please only one parent per dancer. If possible, leave siblings at home to minimize the number of people in one area. This is a very brief rehearsal and we will need to move along quickly to make sure each group has an opportunity to rehearse on stage during our allotted time slot. As soon as your dancer is done rehearsing, please gather all belongings and exit the park. 

Recital Guidelines: June 12th 

  • Dancers should arrive backstage 10 minutes before their scheduled performance time dressed in their first costume with hair and makeup done (please refer to attached costume and accessory sheet). Students performing in just one number should leave their belongings with a family member and line up in the designated area backstage at the amphitheater. An ADC staff member will be there to assist you. 
  • Dancers with costume changes should also arrive backstage 10 minutes in advance dressed in their first costume and place their other costumes and belongings in their designated dressing room (tent). Dancers will be separated into small groups for their costume changes. All dancers with costume changes must wear a nude color camisole under their costumes (Please email no later than June 8th if you would like us to order one for you).
  • Once dancers are dropped off backstage, parents are asked to go to the lawn for the performance.Tickets will not be needed to watch the performance. We recommend bringing your own blanket or chair. Please try to limit the number of family members attending and follow current social distancing guidelines with other members in the audience. Our staff will be busy backstage running the performance and will not be able to monitor the crowd, so we ask that you please help us with this. We will be sending the dancers a copy of the performance so that your family and friends won’t miss out!
  • We appreciate those who volunteered to assist backstage, however, we will not need help this year since the dancers will be wearing a camisole leotard and will not be changing their hair styles or tights. An ADC staff member will be there to assist with any costume changes if needed. All staff members can be identified by a black headband or hat labeled “STAFF”
  •  You may pick your child up backstage after he/she has performed all of their dances. We will not have a finale like we typically do, so dancers are free to leave once they are done. 

Additional Information

We will only release students to parents or guardians listed on the account. It’s important that you email us with the name of your family member or friend if you will not be the one picking up your child. 

Hand sanitizer will be available to our dancers to be used upon arrival and after rehearsing/performing. 

The changing tents will be cleaned/sanitized after each group. Masks are not required and are optional, but we ask dancers to wear the “smiley mask” that was sent home with their costume. If your dancer did not receive a mask, we will have extra on hand.

Even though the performances are outside, we ask everyone to use inside theater etiquette. Please do not talk while dancers are on stage and remain seated until the group is finished performing. Please do clap, film and take pictures of your dancer on stage to capture their special day 🙂