Fall Fun Days – October 24-31

Thursday, October 24 – Thursday, October 31


Dancers may come dressed in costume for Fall Fun Days!

We will have some Halloween fun in addition to our regular dance class.

Make sure to wear a costume that does not inhibit movement.


We know that everyone loves to Trick or Treat, so we have revised the schedule so that everyone will have a chance to enjoy a fun night of dance and not miss out on trick or treating !


Thursday Oct 24 – All classes may come dressed in Costumes.

Senior Competition will have normal class

Friday Oct 25 – Musical Theatre may come dressed in costumes.

Junior/Petite Competition will have normal class.

Monday Oct 28 – Creative Movement and TBJ 6-7 may come dressed in costumes.

Dance Company will have normal class.

Tuesday Oct 29 – All classes may come dressed in costumes.

 Ruby Company must wear dance attire under costume.

Wednesday Oct 30 – All classes may come dressed in costumes.

Thursday Oct 31 – Studio is open from 4:30-6:00

The following classes will have normal dance class with an adjusted schedule

4:30-5:15 Hip Hop               4:45-5:15 Princess Ballet

5:15-6:00 TBGJ 4-5                  5:15-6:00 TBJ 7-8

Pre-pt can make up in pointe class, lyrical can make up in contemporary class,

Acro adv can make up in Acro Int, Senior Comp can attend Fri Junior Comp



Don’t forget to wear your cutest, silliest or spookiest costume

for Fall Fun Days!